“Would You Rather” is an excellent game that can show a lot about friends and family. Here are a few of the most difficult would you rather questions.
Let’s understand your responses below… Love!

 Would You Rather Questions for Boyfriend

  1. Bricks that are shit OR slugs that are puke?
  2. Once OR have volatile diarrhoea for the remainder of your life eat a bowl of shit?
  3. Have something in your eye OR demand to sneeze but unable to?
  4. Be extremely hairy all over the body and never have the ability to shave OR not have one hair everywhere?
  5. Be nasty and wealthy OR good and poor looking?
  6. Constantly must say everything in your head OR never talk again?
  7. Be able to turn invisible OR have the ability to fly?
  8. Have one wish granted now OR 3 wishes given in ten years?
  9. Lick a smelly guy’s armpit OR chew on his toe nail that is rotten?
  10. Be buried alive OR?
  11. Talk every language on earth fluently OR be the best on the planet in one place of your choosing?
  12. Become wealthy and spend five years in solitary confinement in prison OR poor although never visit prison?
  13. Constantly must tell the truth OR constantly lie?
  14. Spend 5 years in prison for something you did not do for something you did?
  15. If God was real find a treatment for cancer OR discover once and for all?
  16. For Men: Have a member- nipple OR a nipple-sized member?
  17. For Girls: Have nostrils which look like vaginas OR a vagina that resembles a nostril?
  18. Constantly be somewhat overdressed OR constantly be somewhat underdressed?
  19. Have a saw-off shotgun OR a flamethrower, in a zombie apocalypse?
  20. Pee yourself in public OR shit yourself but have to wait three hours to clean up it?
  21. View your parents have sex for the remainder of your life OR join in once to quit it?