How to Tell If a Girl Likes You (The Easiest Way)

Would you spend way a lot of time and energy attempting to tell whether a girl likes you?

Some men think ceaselessly around which girls enjoy them, or whether a girl likes them and which girls don’t, and so on. They over presume it like crazy and search for signs, indicators, they try to read her body language, and make it way more complex than it needs to be.

There’s an easy answer!
On the other hand, you’ve some guys who are regular/cool but completely clueless when a girl likes them. Unless someone or the girl directly upward tells him – even when faced with a girl who really really likes him – he doesn’t have an idea the way to tell whether a girl likes him.

Fortunately, the problem can be solved pretty easily for both sorts of men. The way to tell if a girl likes you is really a lot easier than you might imagine…

How to tell if your girl likes you

The greatest way to tell if a girl likes you is… eye contact. Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact.

That is fastest, the easiest, and most straightforward way to tell if a girl likes you.

Eye contact in this situation means both:

Real eye contact where you’re looking at each other
But also

Where she is merely looking at you attempted eye contact on her part –
It might seem obvious but I am constantly surprised by how many men do this is picked up on by n’t. If your woman is making an unusual amount of eye contact or she is attempting to, in almost any scenario it means that she likes you and believes you’re not unattractive.


I mean think about it – You keep looking at her! She’s hot!

Girls do the exact same thing.

If a girl is alone and she keeps looking at you, you are liked by her.

She keeps looking at you and should you be in a group with a girl, you are liked by her.

She holds eye contact for a long time and in case you are speaking to your girl, she likes you.

There’s a girl in several people who keeps looking at you and should you be alone, she likes you.

If you haven’t spoken into a girl and eye contact is held by her, she likes you.

I think you get the idea. Greater than usual eye contact = girl, or prolonged, attempted likes you.

There aren’t many exceptions to this rule..

Of course it’s not impossible that the girl might be looking at you for another reason.

It’s probably due to that if you are dressed like a clown in public and not because she enjoys you.

It’s also possible that the girl thinks she understands you, or you look like someone she understands.

It’s also possible (but improbable) the girl is looking at you and laughing on the inside because you seem silly (in which case you have work to do).

In infrequent instances girls are mean like that.. but most aren’t.

But as a general rule in day-to-day life, when there’s nothing odd going on, 99% of the time eye contact means a girl likes you.

How tell whether a girl likes you in social situations

This eye contact theory is especially true in social settings where the chance of folks hooking up later on and partnering off is not low.

You will end up in social groups where nobody really knows each other, if you go backpacking for example. Maybe you are doing some day time task like seeing sights with the group, or you might be going out drinking and partying at night with them.


If there is a girl in the group who keeps looking at you throughout the time you spend together, it’s likely because you are liked by her. If you’re going drinking out and she keeps looking at you through the evening, there’s a very good chance you can hook up with her later that night.

Or as another example, let’s say you are meeting up with some girls before going out, for a predrink (“pregame” for Americans) or earlier in the day. If there’s a girl in the group who’s giving you lots of eye contact then she has ‘decided’ you (so to speak) and you’re able to probably hook up with her later if the logistics work out.

The best way to tell if a girl likes you

(Although normally, girls are more touchy than guys).

If your girl likes you a lot you may touch on the arm, chest, hand and on occasion even face. She keeps hitting you – this is an excellent sign and in case you are teasing a girl she likes you also.

Some girls are more touchy than others. It’s completely possible for a girl to really genuinely like you, and not touch you. But when you are being touched by a girl a ton – you can be fairly sure she likes you.

Another good tell is if a girl is discussing in a group but just looking at you. There may be other people around who are active in the conversation, but to you and just if the girl is looking and speaking directly, then she likes you.

The best way to tell if a bashful girl enjoys you

This is a catchy one. Shy girls are reserved and nearly by definition it’s more difficult to tell what they’re thinking or feeling.

Inside my experience, when a shy girl likes a man, she still expresses it, it’s just done otherwise than girls who are more sociable.

With a shy girl, you definitely have a lot less to go on. You can’t anticipate her to proclaim that she likes you or that she thinks you’re not really unattractive.

All you are able to really do is direct the interaction and see if she goes along with it. If you’re talking and it appears like she’s having a great time, cool. If you take her hand and she doesn’t pull away or behave odd, great – she probably likes you.

The most important thing is that the lead is taken by you. Girls in general – but bashful girls in particular – won’t take the initiative to lead the interaction. That’s your obligation.

Also remember a timid girl might be nervous around you if she really likes you – girls get nervous just the same as men do.

A bashful girl may also be behaving quiet and it might appear like she’s not interested, but then do something truly warm or that demonstrates she likes you in a quick and intense “burst” of conduct. Don’t act surprised if this happens or phone her out on it or anything – just roll with it and comprehend that it means she likes you but is likely nervous or too self-conscious to express it the remaining time.

Again, it’s tough.. At the end of the day you need to take the lead and ‘ than you’d otherwise be the guy’ in the interaction even more, and see where it goes from there.

Closing Thoughts..

One last significant thing is that this doesn’t mean that each and every girl who doesn’t doesn’t do these things doesn’t enjoy you. It’s potential that she doesn’t detect you, is diverted, nearsighted, etc.

Then again, it’s additionally possible that she only doesn’t like you.

But if a girl is giving you superb strong eye contact or touching you a lot then opt for it because it’s not unlikely to work out.

I expect this has been helpful. All the best!